About Us


About us


181 leather belt originated in 1994 as a leather belts manufacturer in Guangzhou,China. Today, we have grown to be the sum of several product-lines, from leather belts to wallets and other leather accessories.


Created by Mr.Shizhang Shen, 181 leather belts factory has history of more than 20 years. Mr.Shen started his career since he's 18 years old .Several years later ,he met his wife Mrs.Shen, they started to run their custom factory, inspired both by Mrs.Shen's education and experience in the fine arts and by his years of leather experience.


The factory has since expanded to include private label manufacturing, providing leather accessories to trading company, and a "181° You Best You" brand product line, which aims to design his favorable buckle by choosing from a variety of leather straps in different colors ,texture & styles to complete the look , and share it's brand idea with his friends.


During these 3 years, Mr.Shen met a few like-minded young entrepreneurs, who has dedicated in fashion accessories designed ,E-Commerce, trading business with multi-language.And now they operate some online shopping stores . 


181 Leather Manufacturer is the one,who is  full of creativity and responsibility.Its leather products are easy to found in major wholesale firms,department stores,online shopping platforms.And it also provide leather goods in bulk(containers) to the import & export agencies. It offers production customized, design to meet all pricing levels with leather belts, wallets ,purse and small leather accessories.


All  181 leather belts pieces are of the highest quality, the straps are 100% genuine leather (top grain leather)and the buckles are designed and crafted with meticulous care. The leather wallets are made of the most refined leather and cow leather hides.



Inspired by the philosophy of life ,the LOGO of "181° YOU BEST YOU" is composed of Arabic numbers 181 and physical concept degree (°).We think that increase  1° love and enthusiasm  for the ordinary life of  180° can really change our life. Only one love beyond ,with 181° pieces , belt loving women and men.