Since the style is ageless and flattering for nearly every type of figure, you would think that this garment would be a cinch to find. Cinch Synonyms & Definition • Cinch (n.) A strong saddle girth, as of canvas. Definition of cinch_2 verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cinch | plural of cinch. The exam is a cinch. The job was no dead cinch, but we did it on time. 1. Even the belts lie on the waist rather than cinch it. A waistnipper is the perfect way to cinch a few more inches off the midsection, or you could opt for a sculpting full slip for all-over figure shaping. 3. . The … Perfect to cinch a pair of trousers, break up a monochromatic dress, wrap around a thin cardigan or wear with jeans, thin belts have plenty of leverage and work well in a variety of situations. Velcro adjustments on white sandals make it a cinch to perfect the fit. Look for dresses that cinch in at the natural waistline rather than lower or just below the bust (empire waist). It's a cinch. 16. Sentence with the word chinch. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Corsets: These show off your figure, boost your bust, and cinch your waist. It's called the Ultimate CD (Crossdresser) Corset and is meant to cinch the waist. Chapter IX . Learn more. 5. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB It would be a cinch to rig up a flashlight bulb and battery inside one. A rectangle of cardstock in your wedding color with a strip of accent paper down one side can make a tastefully simple invite, and is a cinch to put together. i promise. The Bluetooth line of Fossil watches for men makes keeping track of phone calls and messages a cinch. The Ranch at the Wolverine. In the end, Major's gambit worked, although it was no cinch. 4. She's a cinch to beat the Colossal, and I got even money! Although corsets are famously designed to cinch a woman's waist while hefting the bosom and smoothing the hips, this usage did not begin in earnest until the 18th century. When Cynthia finished tightening the cinch and lowered the stirrup, she turned to find him watching her. In addition, it's a cinch for getting rid of puffy, decongested skin around the eyes. Creating wheatberry salad recipes your family and friends will love is a cinch. Keep scrolling for more. They do not represent the opinions of It's extremely versatile because you can wear it open or use the tie belt to cinch it closed for a more polished look. Cinch is also a noun--- if you say something is a cinch, you mean that you think it is very easy to do, e.g. What's more, the paper is a cinch to find. In fact, it outbid Global Crossing to cinch the deal. "It was a cinch" Sam answered. Backpacks for laptops can make toting everyday items a cinch. ‘The chinch bug is a native North American insect that can destroy cultivated grass crops, especially sorghum and corn, and occasionally small grains, such as wheat and barley.’ ‘Although chinch bug numbers are not high in most fields, growers should check fields frequently during the next couple of weeks to identify problem fields.’ Verb The coat is cinched at the waist. (n.) A tight grip. You might also like the sheer embroidered underwire bra that is half mesh, half floral and comes with a matching waist cinch and very brief bikini. 28. Hit these websites to make your planning a cinch. b : to fasten (something, such as a belt or strap) tightly He cinched his belt tight. Putting together the right teen summer clothes is a cinch if you know what to look for. Hindi - English. And if he should get to be master of a Virginia ship which will be very difficult to do a planter that has three or four hundred acres of land and three or four slaves, if he be industrious, may live more comfortably, and leave his family in better Bread, than such a master of a ship can . Example Sentences for "cinch "It is a cinch for kids to play video lottery machines, since they are often found in businesses that kids frequent. The rider cinched the saddle. A belt instantly alters a woman's silhouette; it can create a waist where there is none, lend a shift dress an empire-style cut or simply cinch tight a pair of too-loose trousers. My examination was a cinch and I passed easily. If you say that something is a cinch, you mean that you think it is very easy to do. `Sure," Bob said, his throat somewhat dry, `It'll be a cinch. Unless we are paraplegic, an absolute klutz or have just smoked far too much cabbage, getting dressed is a cinch. Black cocktail dresses are a cinch to find online, but the more options, the better. This is great because it makes shopping for the entire family a cinch. it's a cinch|cinch informal sentence It is very easy. 15. Women used corsets for centuries to cinch their waists and uplift their bosoms, as well as maintain the straight back that was so prized. More example sentences 2 North American A girth for a Western saddle or pack of a type used mainly in Mexico and the western US. Styles that contain panels and boning will help to cinch your waist and provide an attractive hourglass silhouette. My new dishwasher makes cleaning up a cinch. Creating wheatberry salad recipes your family and friends will love is a cinch. Cinch a cashmere cardigan that hits below the hips with a contrasting belt. Alex was tightening the cinch on Princes when she opened the barn door. If you purchase clear straps separately, keeping them clean is a cinch. From there, it should be a cinch to get all the samples you want! 13. What does it's a cinch expression mean? 14. Use wide belts or scarves to cinch the waist tightly for hourglass figures, but opt for skinny belts or summer-inspired printed scarves to accent the waistline of pear-shaped bodies. 2. Toggle navigation fatLingo . Belts can be wonderful, as they cinch your waist and give you a more hourglass look. intransitive verb. Cinch In A Sentence Definition of Cinch (card games) In the game of cinch, to protect (a trick) by playing a higher trump than the five. Chinch : चिंच: Prabhav: प्रभाव: English - Hindi. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples. Definition of it's a cinch in the Idioms Dictionary. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus Satiny gowns do not take up much room, so packing one for a trip is a cinch. He reached under the horse and tightened the cinch, which finally brought Diablo to attention. lead pipe cinch certain of the result, a foregone conclusion The Jets are a lead pipe cinch to win the game. Does the coat's belt cinch your waist comfortable? [ informal ] It sounds difficult, but compared to full-time work it was a cinch. They're better. Sun Ice Baranah Paclite Golf Suit: This suit features a full-length waterproof zipper, waist cinch, ball cleaner, chin guard, rain gutters at cuffs, and side leg zippers. This dish is a cinch to make. How to use cinch in a sentence is shown in this page. He reached under the horse and tightened the cinch, which finally brought Diablo to attention. Advances in technology coupled with the popularity of the season make finding free musical Christmas ecards a cinch. | (card games) A variety of auction pitch in which a draw to improve the hand is added, and the five of trumps (called "right Pedro") and the five of the same colour (called "left Pedro", and ranking between the five and the four of trumps) are each worth five. With this lemonade concentrate in the refrigerator, making a cold drink is a, This is not the most sophisticated-looking dish but it's a, If The Band Wagon does get to Broadway, she's a, As soon as I come out of the show ring I have to immediately, After the top of the barrel has been shaped, the coopers wrap cables around the base of the barrel and use a capstan to, How about a more traditional stock saddle, with a hand-tooled leather skirt and a rope, The cast-iron grate can hold 18 burgers, and one-touch ignition makes lighting the fire a, At the age she was then, she was easily swayed in one direction or another and Mr Jones was a, After quickly brushing Mesa, I began to saddle him up, carefully tightening the, One of my favorite ginger uses is in this tangy salad dressing that's a, She didn't slide up into the saddle, she jerked the, The wide planing hull lends stability for easy shots down tough rapids, and the boat's upturned bow makes punching through big holes a, Because the dugout is entirely underground it is a, And, thanks to a transparent hull, exploring the deep and spotting rare marine life is practically a, The club is located just around the corner, so getting there is a, If you know the child well enough, buying that perfect gift is a, What we learned at the time from some of the world's leading security experts was that breaking into even the most sensitive sites on the Internet was a, For people intimidated by new technology, even this process is a, Just treat me nice, Omnus, and you'll be a, Seemingly every palazzo had a party, but the winner was a, Sometimes I would throw a stirrup over a saddle to tighten the, Adam swung his saddle onto Sport's back and bent to tighten the, He instructed me on how to correctly place the saddle and, If you need further convincing, perhaps this will, The huge switch-hitting first baseman is only 28, and figures to be entering his peak years. How to use cinched in a sentence. On the other hand, aggressive skiers who pummel down endless mogul fields or crud will cinch their bindings down, using a higher DIN setting to prevent premature binding release. He had what gamblers call a cinch, or he would have had, if the man he watched for had not been standing directly behind him, with rifle-sights in a line with the scar on the back of his thick neck. There are some tips on the internet that makes starting your own business a cinch. A belt was worn to cinch the waist of the tunic. With this lemonade concentrate in the refrigerator, making a cold drink is a cinch. This is not the most sophisticated-looking dish but it's a cinch to prepare and tastes terrific. 2. Make choosing your next kids' swimsuit a cinch with these swimwear purchasing tips. Typically, robes will cinch or tie with a sash or belt enclosure made of the same or complementary satin as the robe itself. 4. I have been preparing for this presentation for the last six months. The only part that I struggle with is algebra. no cinch in a sentence - Use "no cinch" in a sentence 1. You can shop for bottoms in a number of categories: boy shorts, cinch boy shorts, cover-up skirts, original bottoms, cinch skirts and slit skirts. All Rights Reserved. How To Use Cinches In A Sentence? In some cases it's a cinch to see when an overzealous fan has Photoshopped the heck out of an image of a star. Choices include duffel bags, mini duffels, laptop bags, organizer totes, cosmetic bags, hanging organizers, backpacks, curling iron covers, cinch top bags, jewelry rolls and garment bags. What does it's a cinch expression mean? The Original California Water Blade makes drying a car a cinch. ‘they watered the horses and loosed the cinches’ Simply cinch a belt around your waist to ensure that your pants stay up where they belong. Riding Cinch,Saddle Cinch,Mohair Cinch,Roper Cinch,Cutter Cinch,100% Mohair Cincha,Decker Packsaddle Cinch,Sawbuck Packsaddle Cinch, Pack Saddle Cinch. In the 18th century, corsets were worn to cinch women's waists tightly. Styles that contain panels and boning will help to cinch your waist and provide an attractive hourglass silhouette. Like the estate itself, classifying the orchid is no cinch. Check the meaning of cinch. The program is a cinch to install. And when the cinch was drawn tight he fought at being mounted. Do not buy a faux wrap dress, which won't allow for any adjustments, but select one with ties that let you cinch or loosen as you require. All Things Jeeps carries many tote bags and cinch sacks from Life in Good, several with a great looking Jeep style graphic. 3. Southwest Mountain Mule - Custom Cinches - Made in The USA. Beating their team in the finals will be a cinch. Good skin care tips will make removing these unattractive bumps a cinch. cinches; cinched; cinching. Read more…. Sentence Examples for cinch. 2 : to make certain : assure the goal that cinched the victory. Cinch definition, a strong girth used on stock saddles, having a ring at each end to which a strap running from the saddle is secured. Cinch is a transitive verb: to fasten tightly, to make certain e.g.he cinched his belt tight. I'll have the car repaired by Friday. She watched as he meticulously saddled Ed and tightened the cinch. A special request for an Elmo cake is also something for a decorator to celebrate, since specialty manufactured molds and cake supplies make it a cinch to build and customize any cake that features the friendly red critter. Fred asked. The first question is a … Cinch meaning in Hindi is Chinch - Synonyms and related Cinch meaning is Breeze, Girth, Picnic and Snap. 39+3 sentence examples: 1. cinched example sentences. She had to watch carefully so they didnt over cinch the. It's difficult to see cinch in a sentence . Robin Hobb THE GOLDEN FOOL: BOOK TWO OF THE TAWNY MAN (2002) Bustiers are form fitting lingerie pieces that cinch in your waist and that typically push your bust line up higher than it naturally sits. A belt was worn to cinch the waist of the tunic. No problem, it is a cinch. It Urban Boundaries sells a sleek black backpack with foreboding red logo for a drmatic look and cinch enclosure for ease of use. 2 cinch / ˈ sɪntʃ/ verb. She was tightening the cinch on the last one when Gerald eyed the horse doubtfully. Learn more. If you would like to enjoy Chinese food in the comfort of your own home, prepackaged and frozen products make it a cinch. The exam was a cinch. Liebl said getting driver or criminal records now is a cinch. 5. The candidate cinched the nomination by winning the major primary elections. We have a wide variety of styles, high : 2. To get him out of the game meant a cinch win. cinch strap on the back of wrist seals in body heat. When you tie the belt on your robe to close your robe, this is an example of a time when you cinch your belt. If I'm riding hunches one and two, I just got to ride this cinch, which is number three. Learner's definition of CINCH [+ object] US.